Frequently Asked Questions


Why Online Bookkeeping?

Online Bookkeeping is the solution for small businesses that do not have enough transaction volume to hire a bookkeeper in house, or they are tired of hiring unexperienced bookkeeper, train them and after a short period of time going through the process again. Briefly, our Online Bookkeeping services put your mind at ease, because you won't have to deal with any training, employee turn-over, or any other employee related issues, such as work space.


What should i do if i am not sure which package to choose?

The best thing is to contact us or book a free appointment with us (if you are in Greater Toronto Area) and we will evaluate your business situation to see which package works the best for you, or we create a customized bookkeeping package just for you, to meet all your requirements.


What would happen if i go over the threshold of my package?

We won't charge extra for going over your threshold by few transactions, but if you went over significantly, do not worry, we will automatically calculate the most economic way for you, which would be either upgrading to a higher package, or charge hourly for the extra service, which ever costs less for you and your business. Don't forget that our business is taking care of your business, so we'll find the best way to do so.